Window Replacement While Work from Home

Many homeowners undergo the expensive and time-consuming process of installing new replacement windows only once or twice in their lifetime. Consequently, it’s quite common to have questions or simply forget what occurs during the window replacement process.

Even before the installers arrive, the replacement process follows a comprehensive timeline.

Before the Arrival of Window Installers

Arrange for the care of pets and children at an alternate location while the replacement work is in progress. This ensures the safety of both your pets and young children, who may be at risk of injury if they are present while windows are being replaced.

Secure small valuable items by storing them in a locked cupboard. Relocate heavy objects, and for valuable items that are too large to move from near the windows, consider covering them for added protection.

Replacement of Windows: Install Day

A window replacement Managing a work team is often most effective when you allow them some autonomy. Trust the chosen business to deliver their best work and give them the space they need. The best results often arise when team members can approach you as a resource without the need for constant oversight.

  • During your house tour with the project leader, carefully inspect each window. This is your opportunity to catch any potential ordering errors made by the window company.
  • Independently inspect the installation area to ensure the installers have properly placed drop cloths.
  • If you wish to safeguard your outdoor flower beds, consider adding drop cloths. While dust barriers can be set up indoors, they are not entirely necessary, as window installation typically generates minimal dust.
  • The installation process progresses similarly to the removal. The ropes attached to the window sash weights are cut, causing the weights to drop to the bottom of the window pocket. Shims are employed to level and install the new windows, securing them in place once they are level.
  • The pile of old windows continues to grow as technicians frequently move them outside. If you plan to keep the old windows for yourself, it’s advisable to occasionally relocate them to provide the installers with ample working space.
  • The installers are currently in charge of the window removal and replacement process. While minimal oversight is necessary, it’s generally a good practice to touch base with the project lead.
  • By the end of the day, 7 to 12 windows may have been taken out and replaced, depending on the size of the installation team.
  • You shouldn’t leave any tools inside your home.

Replacement of Windows: Second Day

The installation of multiple windows can typically be completed within a single day. If necessary, the work may extend into the following day. In the majority of average-sized homes, window installation is typically concluded on the second day, with little to no need for a third day or beyond.

  • Window installers arrive early to initiate the removal and replacement of windows.
  • Once the removal crew completes their work, they proceed to install the exterior trim for your windows. This cladding or outer trim provides effective weather sealing. Please note that this service may be optional according to your contract.
  • The house is swept, and the windows are tested by being opened and closed.
  • Labels on windows often contain warranty information and are typically left intact. However, if the staff removes these labels, kindly ask them to preserve them for you.
  • External cladding may still require installation if the window replacement extends into a third day. While your presence during exterior construction is not mandatory, it’s advisable to be available if your schedule allows.