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Understanding the Window Replacement Process | Columbus Exterior

Understanding the Window Replacement Process

Most homeowners only go through the costly, time-consuming process of installing new replacement windows once or twice in their lifetime. It is therefore common to wonder about—or forget about—what takes happening throughout the window replacement procedure.

Even before the installers show up, the replacement process follows a broad timeline.

Prior to the Window Installers Showing Up

Make arrangements for the care of animals at a different location while the replacement is being done. The same is true for kids: Little ones running around when windows are being replaced run the risk of getting hurt.

Small valuable goods must be kept locked away in a cupboard. Move heavy objects. Items of value that are too big to move away from the windows should be covered.

Replacement of Windows: Initial Day

A window replacement work team is easiest to handle if you don’t try to manage them. Count on the business you selected to do their best work, and respect their space. The best outcomes occur when team members are able to use you as a resource without you continually watching over them.

  • Go over each window as you tour the house with the job leader. This is your time to identify any ordering mistakes the window company could have made.
  • Check that the installers have satisfactorily laid down drop cloths by going through the house on your own.
  • If you want to protect your flower beds outside, add drop cloths. Dust barriers might be installed inside, however, this isn’t really essential because installing windows doesn’t produce much dust.
  • Installation continues as removal does. The window sash weights’ ropes are severed. Weights fall to the window pocket’s bottom. Shims are used to level and install the new windows. It is fastened into position while the window is level.
  • The stack of old windows keeps expanding as technicians regularly relocate them outside. It’s a good idea to relocate the windows sometimes if you’re keeping them for yourself to give the installers space to work.
  • The window removal and replacement work is now being done by the installers. Little oversight is required, but checking in with the project lead is usually a good idea.
  • By the end of the day, 12 to 15 windows may have been taken out and replaced, depending on the size of the installation team.
  • You shouldn’t leave any tools inside your home.

Replacement of Windows: Second Day

The installation of many windows can be finished in a single day. If not, work can continue into the next day. In most average-sized homes, the window installation process is finished on the second day with little need for a third or additional day of work.

  • Arriving early, the window installers start taking out and replacing windows.
  • After the removal crew is done, they start putting in the outer trim for your windows. This cladding or outside trim offers a strong seal against the elements. This service might be optional under your contract.
  • The house is swept, and the windows are tested by being opened and shut.
  • Since labels on windows carry warranty information, they are frequently kept there. In the event that the staff does remove the labels for you, request that they save them for you.
  • The external cladding may still need to be installed if the window replacement operation does go into a third day. While it is not necessary for you to be there for exterior construction, it is always a good idea to be there if you have the time.

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