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Buying Exterior Front Doors: A Comprehensive Guide

Your home’s front door should be sturdy while still being attractive and courteous. It’s the natural focal point when anyone approaches the property, making it a feature with a big impact. With various types of front door designs available, choosing a reputable one can be tough. Read on to learn everything you need to know about buying for exterior front doors Columbus.

How to Install a New Front Door?

When replacing a door, it’s sometimes a matter of swapping out one slab or blank for another. If the original door structure, including the door jambs and threshold, has decayed, you may need to tear it out and replace it. If the original door frame is in good condition, the studs to which it is fastened might bow and settle out of square, making it tough to open and close the door. A new wood door may need planing or reducing one of these edges to fit an out-of-kilter frame.

Prehung Front Doors:

The majority of new doors are prehung, meaning they hang on hinges inside a new frame. Prehung doors are a great option if the previous frame is in poor condition or if you wish to increase the entrance.

Doors with Slabs:

Slab doors have no hinges, knobs, or frames and are simply the door itself. If you want greater design freedom or are installing one or two doors, a slab door is a cost-effective choice, being a quarter of the price of prehung doors.

Various Designs for Front Doors Include:

  • Front doors with flat, solid panels:

Plain, solid doors have a basic appearance and provide strong home security. Well-suited to mid-century modern residences, the material and hardware become crucial details for a successful project.

  • Front door with a modern wood panel:

Wood paneling adds interest to a front entrance, and horizontal panels offer a sophisticated design that complements modern homes. A modern wood-paneled door can enhance house security and privacy, similar to flat, solid front doors Columbus oh.

  • Wood-paneled door in the classic style:

A traditional wood-paneled door is aesthetically pleasing and secure, commonly made of solid wood. These doors, often based on European designs, evoke memories of specific time periods. High-quality hardware is necessary due to their weight.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Front Door:

  • Make sure all components of a comprehensive entry system are manufactured by the same company. Ensure that weatherstripping is securely sealed, and the barrier interlocks with the bottom side of the door.
  • Look for Low-E glazing on window units. Some manufacturers provide break-in-resistant glass for enhanced security. Ornamental windows with actual lead or brass cages are more expensive than those with faux caring.
  • High-quality steel and fiberglass doors have a thermal barrier that separates the interior and outside door skins, preventing the passage of outside cold and heat through the skin and frame.

The right front door pays off in terms of easier operation, lower maintenance, and higher energy savings. Columbus Exterior provides high-quality, attractively designed doors that complement your aesthetic and requirements.