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Enhance Your Indoor-Outdoor Living Experience with Patio Doors

Our homes and lifestyles thrive on outdoor living spaces. Designing these spaces requires a seamless transition, and choosing the right indoor-outdoor door is crucial. Beyond a smooth transition, your patio door should enhance natural lighting, airflow, and a connection to nature. Consider these five patio door solutions for transforming windows, expanding existing doors, or creating large openings leading to the outdoors.

Glass Pocket Walls:

If you prefer patio door panels to be hidden when open, consider glass pocket walls. The panels slide and tuck away behind a wall pocket, creating a new retreat. Closed, these doors frame stunning views, making them ideal for replacements or new homes.

The French Doors

Patio Doors Columbus Ohio

French doors, with their single-hinged design, open away from each other. They require a broader doorway, swinging inward or outward. Inward-opening French doors save space and offer cleaner lines for modern designs.

Glass Bi-Fold Walls:

Bi-fold glass walls create a grand entrance when opened, folding each panel onto the adjacent one. The contemporary frame profile complements various architectural styles, with color options to match your aesthetic.

Pivot Doors:

Pivot doors, with hinges at the top and bottom, rotate when opened or closed. Use them individually or in groups to control light and breezes elegantly. The design adds sophistication compared to other door types.

Sliding Glass Doors:

Sliding Glass Doors Columbus Ohio

Sliding glass doors glide laterally, distributing their weight on lower tracks. They save space, require no additional structural support, and are ideal for large, glass-heavy designs.

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