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Replacing Basement Windows: A Comprehensive Guide

Basement windows play a crucial role in improving energy efficiency and preventing water leaks. Beyond aesthetics, choosing the right windows and installing them properly is vital for home improvement. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the process.

Types of Windows Suitable for Basement Replacement

When selecting replacement windows for your basement, opt for small, horizontal, custom windows installed high along the walls. Awning windows, which open outward with a hand crank, are popular for fresh air circulation while protecting against the elements. Sliding windows are another practical choice. Vinyl, steel, or aluminum frames work well if secured in concrete rather than steel bucks.

Taking Down the Window

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Removing basement windows from the last five decades can be challenging, especially with heavy steel frames and cast-in-place concrete. Rusty steel frames may need cutting and prying. After frame removal, chisel the concrete level, sweep, and seal it with masonry sealant. Install the window only after the sealant dries.

Replacement of the Window

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Surprisingly, replacing the window is the easiest part. Apply adhesive to the window frame and slide it into place for full-frame replacement windows. Avoid forcing the window, as it can lead to breakage. Finally, use sealant to secure the window in place.

Professional’s Guidance

Given the specificity and careful installation required for basement windows, many homeowners opt for professional assistance. The additional cost is often justified for a proper installation. Consulting a professional, even if you plan to DIY, can provide valuable knowledge and tools for a successful replacement.

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